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Suggestion for Managing Cushing's Disease - The Horse.

This disease is most common in horses over twenty years of age. It is suggested that a Cushing's horse spend minimal, if any time on pasture, especially if the horse has a history of laminitis (founder), or is currently heavy. Turnout on a dry lot will afford free exercise and fresh air and allow control of a Cushing's horse's sugar, starch and protein intake, by the feeding of first cut hay, which is coarser than second cut, and therefore, takes more time to eat as it requires chewing.

Lucerne hay is grown in all Australian states and is readily available. Seek for a suitable hay in areas other than Australia.

Please note that the above information is only suggested, and it is best that a Horse Veterinarian be consulted as well about Cushing's Disease.


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Horse Health/Veterinary Books

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Therapeutic - Supplements - Mane & Tail - Horse & Pet Sprays - Saddle Pads

Joint Care - Horse Care - Hoof Care

Ear Plugs - Fly Spray - Grooming Kits - Horse Protections

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