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Hello! I'm Donald Thomson - Welcome at HOME webpage of Donald's Amazon Horse Supplies - trading as MarketSupreme - www.marketsupreme.com - - where You - THE HORSE ENTHUSIAST - will find products for You and your Horse.

Please note that juveniles under eighteen require the consent of a parent/guardian to order a product at MarketSupreme website.


FOR THE HORSE ENTHUSIAST - Whether You are a Horse Owner, Horse Rider, Horse Breeder, Horse Trainer, a Horse Stable/Barn Worker, or someone who is just fascinated with THE HORSE - MarketSupreme provides products to help with requirements for You and your Horse - TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.

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Donald's Amazon Horse Supplies online shop - - trading as: MarketSupreme - www.marketsupreme.com - - My core market products being for You and the Horse. - - I had my own strawberry-roan pony (Rokket) for twenty-six years, so I have a high regard for the Horse.

MarketSupreme provides as well; DVD's and Books of Classics (Black Beauty - Flicka - Moondance Alexander - THE James Herriot Vet series - All Creatures Great and Small...plus more from Vets); and links to Pet Product Suppliers, (Home Page + Horse & Pets Page), to provide for your other animal interests.


For further information on products:

Please contact MarketSupreme at email address: horsemark21@gmail.com



For those interested in the care and preservation of America's Wild Horses_____

Websites: www.returntofreedom.org - -

www.americanwildhorsecampaign.org - - are recommended.

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